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About Us

About Us

The story starts in 1996 when HAKSU Company established a 16m2 small workshop for producing water mixers in Karakoy in Istanbul city.

Since we started our mission till now, through this long and hard way, HAKSU has succeeded, by Allah will, in both level, production and sales, to renovate and develop itself to become one of the unique companies in this industry in Turkey.

Since it established, HASKU stepped ahead in steady pace in the local market and established strong structure that enabled it to go further to exporting since 12 years ago, and enables it to build a network of extended relationships in the Middle East, Africa, Balkans, East Europe and Turkish Republics, and enables the company to improve and develop itself and its sales in these areas in a good manner.

To be equal and to sum up, we can say that the essential motivation behind all these efforts in developing and increasing production is to contribute in providing the best product that fits our waters and environment, since they deserve the best.


Haksu Armature Industry and Trade Inc. aims to serve social development with its activities in the social field as a part of its corporate culture, which reads the necessity of change, determines the place where it will stop in the process of rapid change, develops growth-oriented strategies, contributes to the national economy with its investments; It has a mission that aims to offer Quality not only in production, but also in design, presentation, marketing activities, promotion, after sales and establishes trust-based relationships with business partners, customers and consumers. Haksu Armature Industry and Trade Inc. ; is an organization focused on efficiency, sharing, has all the precautions in the field of environment, supports education, health, culture, arts and sports and is an exemplary organization in its sector.


Haksu envisaging changes to its dynamic structure, leadership, creativity, vision, leadership, and we heard. Türkiye to focus on implementing our’m able to safely steer and change strategy is part of this vision. our company; contributing to social development by improving corporate citizenship culture as well as economic growth as well as being one of the rapidly growing participants of the country’s economy with its investments, creating more added value with its growth and profitability potentials.
has adopted the vision of being and leading the sector as an exemplary company. With all its components, HAKSU will continue to successfully develop the features of presenting, pioneering and leading the firsts it has created since the day it was founded.